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 IMPORTANT: limit (1) voucher per order. If you have purchased multiple vouchers from one of our partner websites, you must complete them one at a time. 


Q: Why can't I redeem as early as I'd like?
A: If we allow people to redeem early than needed it will mess up our inventory count. Redeeming in a timely manner helps us keep track of sales and returns.

Q. If I placed an order the first day an ad ran, why haven't I received my product the following week?
A: We ship out the following week when the ad has finished running.

Q: I have called 3 times and have not gotten a response or callback, why is that?
A: handles over 3,000+ orders weekly. Please contact us at: ( to have all questions answered promptly.

Please contact us if you have further questions at: (
Thank you we appreciate your business! The AlignUrLife Team